Drone Day 2018 happened on the 26th of May. This is the second episode dedicated to it, with a selection of music spanning 34 years.

Be safe!

  1. Enrico Falbo - Del remoto (Il giorno del richiamo estatic, Vulpiano Records, 2016, Italy)
  2. Sufjan Stevens - A Conjunction of Drones Simulating the Way in Which Sufjan Stevens Has an Existential Crisis in the Great Godfrey Maze (Illinois, Rough Trade / Asthmatic Kitty Records, 2005, USA)
  3. Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love for Planet Earth (Street Horrrsing, ATP Recordings, 2008, England)
  4. Natural Snow Buildings - Abramelin (Aldebaran, Vulpiano Records, 2016, France)
  5. Death in Vegas - Drone Reich (Trans-Love Energies, Portobello Records, 2011, England)
  6. Pauline Oliveros - Horse Sings from Cloud (Accordion and Voice, Lovely Music, 1982, USA)
  7. Éliane Radigue - L’Île Re-Sonante (L’Île Re-Sonante, Shiin, 2005 (recorded 2000), France)