Drone Day 2018 happened on the 26th of May. I discovered it existed because of Ablaut & co’s release. Here, we play a diverse selection spanning 42 years.

I’ve got too many drone tracks to play, so there will be a second episode dedicated to the event!

Make sure you check out Wires for Empathy’s beautiful trailer and support its production if you have the means and the will!

Be good.

  1. Boards of Canada - I Saw Drones (Geogaddi, Warp Records, 2002, Scotland)
  2. Ablaut, Windspace, Lighthugger, Ambire Seiche - Drone Day 2018 (Drone Day 2018, not on label, 2018, Netherlands & China / USA / England / USA) – CC album on Bandcamp
  3. Maryanne Amacher - Living sound (recording of the installation “Music for Sound-Joined Rooms”, not on label, 1980, USA)
  4. Annette Vande Gorne - Tao Métal (Tao, Empreintes DIGITALes, 1993, Belgium)
  5. Wendy Atkinson - What Came Before (The Last Fret, not on label, 2015, Canada)
  6. Catherine Christer Hennix - The Electric Harpsichord (The Electric Harpsichord, Die Schachtel, 2010 (recorded 1976), Sweden & USA)
  7. Nine Inch Nails - 2 Ghosts I (Ghosts I-IV, The Null Corporation, 2008, USA) – CC album on the Internet Archive