Six (and a half) diverse artists, from six different places.

Thanks for sharing on Mastodon and the Internet Archive; and thanks Nachtstück Records for giving away your earnings.

Bartira let me know that POC means “People of Colour”. On more TLA to remember!

Be good! Call you mum!

  1. Ricardo Tobar - Organza (Treillis, Desire Records, 2013, Chile)
  2. Four Tet - Planet (Planet, Text Records, 2017, England)
  3. Four Tet - SW9 9SL (SW9 9SL, Text Records, 2017, England)
  4. Daphni - Face to Face (Face to Face, not on label, 2017, Canada)
  5. Daphni - Tin (Tin, not on label, 2017, Canada)
  6. Manitoba a.k.a. Caribou - Olé (Jacknuggeted, Leaf, 2003, Canada)
  7. Jacques - L’arrivée d’autrechose (single track, not on label, 2016, France)
  8. Tiago Morais Morgado - Deep Highlights (Deep Highlights, Nachtstück Records, 2017, Portugal) – download the CC release on Bandcamp
  9. Brthlns Glnds - Immersed in Po(o)p (When the Melting of the Reality You Live in Stops Affecting You Because You’ve Passed the Point of Total Meltdown, Sattva Land Records, 2017, Brazil) – download the CC release on the Internet Archive