To find out more about female:pressure’s Rojava project, go to their website. If you’d like to support the women of Rojava with some money, buy the compilation on Bandcamp.

The track Dear Viyan contains voice samples from both Viyan Peyman (her legal name being Gulîstan Talî Cinganlo; read an article about her) and Dilar Dirik (read an interview of her).

  1. Baths - Worsening (Obsidian, anticon., 2013, USA)
  2. Deru - Next Door (Trying to Remember, Merck, 2004, USA)
  3. Eskmo - Siblings (Eskmo, Ninja Tune, 2010, USA)
  4. Autechre - Lentic Catachresis (Confield, Warp, 2001, England)
  5. Miranda De La Frontera feat. Viyan Peyman & Dilar Dirik - Dear Viyan (Music, Awareness & Solidarity w/ Rojava Revolution, female:pressure, 2016, Germany / Irani Kurdistan / Turkish Kurdistan) – download the CC track on Soundcloud and support the project on Bandcamp
  6. SCOXROX - San Ysidro (single track, not on label, 2017, USA) – download the track on SoundCloud
  7. György Ligeti - Poème symphonique (live recording, not on label, 2016, Hungary & Austria)