Six tracks spanning the last fourteen years. A bit of ambient and field recording, a bit of harsh but beautiful, a bit of dub and rock, a bit of funny, a bit of happy, a bit of lovely. Half from the Commons.

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  1. Luke Lund - Norrby (Kalk, Terranean Recordings, 2015, Finland) – download the CC release on the Internet Archive
  2. Matthew Ostrowski + Paul Hoskin - Paul Hoskin + Matthew Ostrowski Duo (Cascadia 1700, Nachtstück Records, 2017, USA / USA) – download the CC release on Bandcamp
  3. Hint versus EZ3kiel - 100% White Puzzle (Collision Tour 2009, Jarring Effects, 2009, France / France)
  4. SCOXROX - Here Comes Eliza (Stump Speech, Vaatican Records, 2014, USA) – create your own copy of this CC release on Vaatican Records
  5. Moderat - Gita (II, Monkeytown Records, 2013, Germany)
  6. The Boats - I Only Missed by One Word (Songs by the Sea, Moteer, 2004, UK)