Long time no see! Turns out having a baby is tiring!

This is the second episode exploring some experimental music from the Francophonie. Today we hang out in the late sixties and early seventies, and next time we’ll linger in the seventies a bit more.

I should have mentioned that Dashiell Hedayat’s song involves the great psychedelic prog rock Franco-international band Gong backing him up.

  1. Serge Gainsbourg - Jane dans la nuit (Cannabis, Philips, 1970, France)
  2. Jacques Higelin & Areski Belkacem - 13’40’5 10 (Higelin & Areski, Saravah, 1969, France / France)
  3. Jacques Higelin & Areski Belkacem - Je veux des coupables (Higelin & Areski, Saravah, 1969, France / France)
  4. Brigitte Fontaine, Areski avec Art Ensemble of Chicago - Lettre à monsieur le chef de gare de la tour de Carol (Comme à la radio, Saravah, 1969, France / France / USA)
  5. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Poème non épique (n°2, Disques Festival, 1970, France)
  6. Dashiell Hedayat - Long Song for Zelda (Obsolete, Shandar, 1971, France) – download the release on the Internet Archive
  7. Péloquin/Sauvageau - Monsieur l’indien (Laissez nous vous embrasser où vous avez mal, Mucho Gusto, 2004 (originally 1972), Canada)
  8. Serge Gainsbourg - Piège (Cannabis, Philips, 1970, France)