We keep exploring “experimental” music from the francophonie.

Today, we are still stuck in the seventies, with two exceptions to open and close the show: a stretch back to 1931 and a jump forward to 2015.

Next time, we should mostly have music from the current decade to close this series.

  1. Edgard Varèse; Ensemble Intercontemporain, Susanna Mälkki - Ionisation (live recording, not on label, 2012 (composed 1929-1931), France & USA / France / Finland)
  2. Fille qui mousse - Se taire pour une femme trop belle (Se taire pour une femme trop belle, Spalax Music, 1998 (recorded 1971), France)
  3. Cheval Fou - Actreids (Cheval Fou, Legend Music, 1994 (recorded 1970-1974), France)
  4. Emmanuelle Parrenin - Voyage Migrateur (Maison Rose, Ballon Noir, 1977, France)
  5. Zreen Toys - Hypnosis Bows (Hypnosis Rustle, Actuel Records, 1974, France) – download the release on the Internet Archive
  6. Deena Abdelwahed - Lelliri Ya Momba (single track, not on label, 2015, Tunisia) – get the track from the link the artist added on SoundCloud