We start an exploration of “experimental” music in the francophonie. Stay tuned for more music from different French-speaking countries as we wander more or less chronologically over a few episodes.

Today, a few artists that were involved with the Groupe de Recherche Musicale at some stage in their career, a couple of epic composers, and a taste of what will likely be the sub-theme of the next episode: the seventies.

Please ignore the first 70 seconds, I completely forgot to go on air…

  1. Pierre Schaeffer - Étude noire (L’Œuvre musicale, INA-GRM, 1998 (originally 1948), France)
  2. Mireille Chamass-Kyrou - Étude I (Archives GRM, INA-GRM, 2004 (originally 1960), Greece & France)
  3. Pierre Henry - Messe pour le temps présent : Jéricho Jerk (Messe pour le temps présent et musiques concrètes, Philips, 1997 (originally 1972, composed 1967), France)
  4. Pierre Henry - Fièvre 2 (Variations pour une porte et un soupir, Philips, 1967, France)
  5. Iannis Xenakis - Hibiki-Hana-Ma (edit) (OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music, Ellipsis Arts…, 2000 (composed 1969-1970), Greece & France)
  6. Pierre Boulez; Ensemble intercontemporain, Matthias Pintscher - Répons (Répons, not on label, 2015 (composed 1980-1984), France / France / Germany)
  7. Areski Belkacem - Le Brouillard (Un beau matin, Saravah, 1970, France)