Another week, another bunch of songs that you might like. Fairly easy listening this week, with some classics I had never played on the show before, for some reason.

The three last tracks were from Netlabel Day 2015. You can find all the releases from that edition on this website.


  1. Ovend - Confidence (Gazelle EP, Ahrpe, 2016, France)
  2. Zola Jesus - Lady Maslenitsa (New Amsterdam, Sacred Bones Records, 2009, USA)
  3. Jamie xx - Girl (Girl / Sleep Sound, Young Turks, 2014, England)
  4. Free the Robots - The Balance (The Balance, Elsewhere Studios, 2013, USA)
  5. Death by Panda - After the Flood (HouseMadeofGlass, Jamendo, 2008, USA) – download the album on the Internet Archive
  6. Boom Bip - Soft and Open (Blue Eyed in the Red Room, Lex Records, 2005, USA)
  7. Dosh - Country Road X (Tommy, anticon., 2010, USA)
  8. Loess - Thresh (Burrows, Nonresponse, 2009, USA)
  9. Soukah - Strange Reflection (Integral Visions, Subbass, 2015, Germany) – download the CC compilation on Bandcamp
  10. Nen.T.E. - Did I Ever Tell You (BRidGe, Sucu Music, 2015, Italy) – download the CC album on the Internet Archive
  11. Luke Lund - Main Sequence (Einstein Cross reshape) (Optical Range, Terranean Recordings, 2015, Finland) – download the CC album on Bandcamp