Finally back! Sorry about the lengthy break.

Pierre-Yves joined Stéphane for this first show of the year, and selected most of the tracks. You might remember his first contribution to the show: the excellent mix he put together under the moniker Joey 808, which you can still listen to on this page.

Thank you Pierre-Yves for your visit to Australia, and for coming along to the studio!

You can find Underjack’s ambient techno on Annulled’s Bandcamp page.

  1. Ill’s - Fifty​-​Phiphti (Fifty​-​Phiphti / Asakusa, Solitaire, 2014, Australia)
  2. Laurent Garnier - Gnanmankoudji (It’s Just Musik, not on label, 2011, France)
  3. Jme feat. Giggs - Man Don’t Care (Integrity>, Boy Better Know, 2015, England)
  4. Professor Genius - Assassins (Steve Moore ‘Time of the Assassins’ remix) (Hassan, L.I.E.S., 2012, USA)
  5. Inter Gritty - Nan Madol (Islands, Random Island, 2016, Sweden)
  6. Underjack - Teuthida (original mix) (Entering Transistor Bay, Annulled Music, 2016, France)