This week, only five tracks. We talk about Edgar Froese, the founder of Tangerine Dream who recently passed away, and John Zorn’s work Cobra.

You can put some visual on John Zorn’s composition by watching this video.


  1. Aphex Twin - Produk 29 (Syro, Warp, 2014, Ireland)
  2. Edgar Froese - Drunken Mozart (Beyond the Storm, Virgin, 1995, Germany)
  3. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (Phaedra, Virgin, 1974, Germany)
  4. John Zorn - Moderato (Cobra, HatHut Records, 1987, USA) – studio version
  5. John Zorn - Lento / Mysterioso (Cobra, HatHut Records, 1987, USA) – live version