This week, Steph talks about – among other things – the netlabel Monotonik, which delivered more than 200 free digital (mostly) electronic music releases to the Internet over the years. Find the (quasi) entire catalogue at the Internet Archive.

You can read the Lucrecia Dalt article in its entirety on the XLR8R website.


  1. Aleksi Virta - Nebulae Herb (…Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge, Monotonik, 2004, Finland) – get the release
  2. Thug - Sudafed x2 (Sudafed x2, Monotonik, 2000, Australia) – get the release
  3. Dead Eros - Inside Sunshine (Bone Mountain, Monotonik, 2009, USA) – get the release
  4. Mike Kidd - Bilocation (Impermanence EP, Monotonik, 2009, Australia) – get the release
  5. Mike Kidd - Haunted Raves (Impermanence EP, Monotonik, 2009, Australia)
  6. Charles Céleste Hutchins - Bubbles (Shorts, not on label, 2014, USA/England) – You can commission a song or download free ones on his website.
  7. Charles Céleste Hutchins - Analog Variations (?, not on label, 2010, USA/England)
  8. DJ King Emir - Appel au culte (not released, not on label, 2014, Switzerland) – get it on Soundcloud
  9. Lucrecia Dalt - Glosolalia (Syzygy, Human Ear Music, 2013, Columbia/Spain/Germany)
  10. Juana Molina - Las Edades (Wed 21, Crammed Discs, 2013, Argentina)