This week, Jonathan and Tim join us to talk about PC Music, the micro-genre and label that recently brought cute, cyberculture, pop, dance, tacky, bubblegum, gender blurring, Japan, UK, cartoon imagery, post-irony and repurposing of cultural references together.

You can find most of this music on the PC Music netlabel’s website and their Soundcloud account.

  1. SOPHIE - Bipp (Bipp / Elle, Numbers., 2013, UK)
  2. Hannah Diamond - Pink and Blue (Pink and Blue, PC Music, 2013, England)
  3. GFOTY - Bobby (Bobby, PC Music, 2013, England)
  4. Danny L Harle - Broken Flowers (Broken Flowers, PC Music, 2013, England)
  5. QT - Hey QT (Hey QT, XL Recordings, 2014, UK)
  6. A. G. Cook - Beautiful (Beautiful, PC Music, 2014, England)
  7. Hannah Diamond - Every Night (Every Night, PC Music, 2014, England)
  8. A. G. Cook feat. Hannah Diamond - Keri Baby (Beautiful, PC Music, 2014, England)
  9. Spinee - Pretty Green (Pretty Green, PC Music, 2014, England)
  10. SOPHIE - Hard (Lemonade / Hard, Numbers., 2014, UK)