I got to the studio late because of an injured possum – the possum is fine – so skip to 7:30 for the actual start of the show (although you might just enjoy the first few minutes of ambient music that are from this older show)

Four tracks but six places, spanning 45 years.

Find out more about Erika Nesse’s fractal music on her website.

Be safe and talk to a good friend.

  1. Erika Nesse - Unbroken (standalone track, not on label, 2016, USA) – CC track on SoundCloud
  2. Void Meme - Recuperation [Creode #1] Dean Evans Sings the Blues (Recuperated Fragments, NonServiam, 2015, England & Spain) – CC release on Bandcamp
  3. Mauricio Kagel - Acustica, part 1 (Acustica, Deutsche Grammophon, 1972, Argentina & Germany)
  4. Monplaisir - Il y a un bout de ciel bleu (Rosée, not on label, 2017, France) – CC release on Bandcamp