Back to normal after our long series on Netlabel Day, here is a bunch of very diverse tracks I deem to be worth a listen. Nine tracks from eight different places, spanning 35 years.

Enjoy, and have a beautiful day.

  1. Birdy Nam Nam - Body, Mind, Spirit… (Birdy Nam Nam, Uncivilized World, 2005, France)
  2. Janne Nummela - Pla(nk)ton (FLOW​(​ER​(​ROR), Mahorka, 2018, Finland) – CC release on Bandcamp
  3. Nikcname - HDD Writings (Music for Elevators vol. 2, Mahorka, 2005, Bulgaria) – CC compilation on Bandcamp
  4. Warrego Valles - Death Invitation (Location Off, Kamizdat, 2017, Slovenia) – CC release on Bandcamp
  5. Fenshu - ght (December Traxs, Jamendo, 2005, France) – CC release on Jamendo
  6. Autechre - Cipater (Chiastic Slide, Warp, 1997, England)
  7. Xpire - Escape Velocity [mix I] (Perennial Expansion, Cold Fiction Music, 2017, Sweden) – CC release on Bandcamp
  8. Offthesky - Streamlined for Slipstreams (Original mix) (On Aerial Archetype, Archipel, 2009, USA)
  9. Midori Takada - Crossing (Through the Looking Glass, RCA, 1983, Japan)