Tim and Steph talk about the Weightless movement and the grimey stuff around it. You might be interested into those few links we mentioned: the Hyponik review of Rabit’s Baptizm, the 2013 Fabric interview of Mumdance and the Andrew Tuttle cassette launch at the Bearded Lady on the 23rd of April.

Oh, and the title of the Sd Laika song is actually (probably) a reference to an Arthur Machen novella.


  1. Mumdance, Logos & Rabit - Inside the Catacomb (Weightless Volume 1, Different Circles, 2014, England / England / USA)
  2. Sd Laika - Great God Pan (That’s Harakiri, Tri Angle, 2014, USA)
  3. Rabit - Bloody Eye (Baptizm, Tri Angle, 2015, USA)
  4. Murlo - Vertigo (Into Mist EP, Rinse, 2014, England)
  5. Various artists - Weightless Volume 1 preview (Weightless Volume 1, Different Circles, 2014, USA / England / Scotland / Australia)
  6. Dark0 - Amethyst (Fate EP, Gobstopper Records, 2014, England)
  7. Mumdance feat. Novelist - Take Time (Take Time, Rinse, 2014, England / England)
  8. Rabit feat. Riko Dan - Black Dragons (Black Dragons, Glacial Sound, 2014, USA / England)