This sixth episode in the NLD2017 series draws most if its tracks from the great Kahvi Collective compilation Tangents, but we also have lovely tracks from Sucu Music, Amblis Records, MNMN, Futuredraht and Bleepsequence. Thank you to all the netlabels and artists featured here!

Head to Kahvi Collective’s website to download the whole compilation and support their work.

Have a great one, wherever you are.

  1. 4T Thieves - After Dark (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Finland) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  2. Rephazer - Shortwave (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Netherlands) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  3. Hektagon - Tangent (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Spain) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  4. Berestez - Shoda Twist (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Finland) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  5. Faex Optim - Cyclemagic (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Scotland) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  6. Ciaran Byrne - Cluasa (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Ireland) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  7. Lovekrafty - The Dark Crooked Tree (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, UK) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  8. Polygon Ring - Loki (Tangents, Kahvi Collective, 2017, Bulgaria) – CC compilation on Kahvi
  9. MiDiLe - Phone Arrival (Take Off and Learning, Sucu Music, 2017, Italy) – download the CC release from the Internet Archive
  10. Noh - Left Alone (Sunrise) (Sounds of Summer: Volume 3 “Night”, Amblis Records, 2017, ?) – download the CC compilation on Bandcamp
  11. Jack in a Mouth - Uprise (Netlabel Day 2017, MNMN Records, 2017, Russia) – download the CC compilation from the Internet Archive
  12. Пс - Varnes Fort (Yew Near, Futuredraht, 2017, ?) – download the CC release on the Internet Archive
  13. Liudprand - Pondlife (Mercury Vapour, Bleepsequence, 2017, England) – download the CC release on Bandcamp