This week, Damian prepared a playlist of ambient, IDM and more, and talks about his experience running an online streaming radio between 2003 and 2007: Systrum Sistum. There is also a bit of a discussion about how music distribution on the Internet evolved in the last two decades.

Thank you for joining us and sharing some of your favourites, Damian!

  1. S U R V I V E - Scalar Wave (mnq026, Mannequin, 2012, USA)
  2. Heathered Pearls - Docile Touch (Loyal, Ghostly International, 2012, Poland & USA)
  3. Conoco - Koski (Excerpt 1) (Sigma Editions 007, Sigma Editions, 1999, Finland)
  4. Veer - Where Nothing Ever Happened (Where Nothing Ever Happened, Thinner, 2005, Germany)
  5. The Bug feat. Liz Harris - Void (Angels & Devils, Ninja Tune, 2014, UK / USA)
  6. The Future Sound of London - Machines of the Subconscious (Environment Five, FSOL Digital, 2014, England)
  7. Aleksi Perälä - uk74r1409117 (The Colundi Sequence Volume 2, Djak-Up-Bitch, 2017, Finland & England)