Today, nothing too fancy. Just a random selection of music that I find special enough to play on air. Couple of freebies too, lucky bugger.

This year’s edition of the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival might be coming to your city. Have a look.

Tom Fahy is the weirdest ensemble/persona/entity around, check out their website.

  1. The Basics - Tango is the Westworld (HRAFF 2017) (single track, not on label, 2017, Australia) – get the track for free on Bandcamp
  2. Julian Priester - Love, Love (DJ-Kicks: Four Tet, !K7, 2006 (originally 1974), USA / England)
  3. Caribou - Paul’s Birthday (Start Breaking My Heart, Leaf, 2001, Canada)
  4. Bonobo - Know You (The North Borders, Ninja Tune, 2013, England & USA)
  5. Vessel - Lache (Order of Noise, Tri Angle, 2012, UK)
  6. Echospace - [untitled] (Liumin, Modern Love, 2010, USA)
  7. Light Overhead - Cold Seeps (Submerged) (Nekton, Terranean Recordings, 2015, Finland) – download the release on the Internet Archive
  8. Zhang Li - Hexominos (1) ((A → B-A-B), (B → A+B+A), Stag Records, 2009, China & USA) – download the CC release from the Internet Archive
  9. Evenings - Softly We Go (Yore, not on label, 2013, USA)