Enjoy a random selection from eight – probably nine – different places, created between 1971 and 2016.

The Random Gods EP is out on the 17th of June, and incudes a remix by Vaghe Stelle, previously featured on the show as Daniele Mana.

  1. Олег Булошкин (Oleg Buloshkin) - Таинство (“Sacrament”) (Музыкальное Приношение (“Musical Offering”), Мелодия, 1990 (recorded in 1971), USSR) – download the track on the Internet Archive
  2. Boom Bip & Doseone - “Art Saved my Life” - 71 (Circle, Mush Records, 2000, USA / USA)
  3. Beanfield - Enchanting Signs (Human Patterns, Compost Records, 1999, Germany)
  4. Four Tet - A lost track that I ve been playing on the radio and stuff. Seemed like a nice thing to put out there because of smashing it on the internet etc. Shout out to Ben UFO and Anthony Naples. May 2016 (single track, not on label, 2016, England) – download the track on SoundCloud
  5. Metronomy - Old Skool (Fatima Yamaha remix) (single track, not on label, 2016, England / The Netherlands)
  6. Mika Technika - Beat my Juggle (single track, not on label, 2016, Serbia) – download the track on SoundCloud
  7. Random Gods - Jabuka (Genezon.avi EP, Danse Noire, 2016, Portugal)
  8. Aesu - Blue Eyes White / Blue Eyes (single track, not on label, 2016, USA) – download the CC track on SoundCloud
  9. Iranian Girls Club - DIANA GETIN HIGH . CO . UK (single track, not on label, 2013, ?)
  10. Colin Johnco - Onde 0748 (Fantaisie et silence (Part 2), Vaatican Records, 2008, France) – download the release on Vaatican