This episode goes through nine countries, with all kinds of levels of harshness. You can download most of the tracks by following the links.

Stéphane is on a lazy streak for the silly season, so if you get bored, make sure you have a listen to Scuba’s latest mix for XLR8R on Mixcloud.

There are also other shows that play brilliant music:

Thank you Damian for the recommendations!

Enjoy, take care, and see you in the Gregorian new year!

  1. Moondog - Fog on the Hudson (425 W 57th Street) (The Viking of Sixth Avenue, 2005, Honest Jon’s Records, USA)
  2. There Will Be Fireworks - Colombian Fireworks (There Will Be Fireworks, The Imaginary Kind, 2009, Scotland)
  3. Third I - Collapse (s.u.n remix) (This is our Post Postapocalypse, Clinical Archives, 2008, Serbia) – download the release on the Internet Archive
  4. Fatima Yamaha - What’s a Girl to Do (A Girl Between Two Worlds EP, D1 Recordings, 2004, Netherlands)
  5. Octual - Escaping the Gyre (Escaping the Gyre, Anagram, 2015, Netherlands) – download the track on XLR8R
  6. Nathan Jonson - Towards the Sun (Dub mix) (Towards the Sun, Areal Germany, 2015, Canada / Germany) – download the track on XLR8R
  7. Valentino Guerriero - Shadows (Ercos Blanka remix) (Tattoos of Cupid, Ampispazi Recordings, 2015, Italy / Italy) – download the track on XLR8R
  8. Rekord 61 - Vremya (Unbalance ‘Viscous’ remix) (Vremya Versions, Konstruktiv, 2015, Russia / Russia) – download the track on XLR8R
  9. Sakrecoer - PinGnu (single track, self-released, 2015, Sweden) – download the track on SoundCloud