In this episode, only four tracks, but still representative of our eclectic taste at studio d’essai: a local oldy from the eighties, and ambient experimental copyleft track from Sweden, some housey techno from England and Kenya, and a new rendition of In C from Mali.

Stéphane mentioned the website Lochlan set up a while ago to inform Australian residents (and others) about metadata retention laws, which started to be effective on the 13th of October. Here it is:

Stay safe!

  1. Severed Heads - All Saints Day (Rotund for Success, Volition, 1989, Australia) – buy the album on Bandcamp
  2. leidi misterie and nordBeck - When Touching a Robot’s Heart (not on release, self-released, 2010, Sweden) – download on Soundcloud
  3. Martin Iveson - Cobra XL (An Afefe Iku Offering) (Cobra, Atjazz Record Company, 2014, England / Kenya) – buy the release on Bandcamp
  4. Africa Express - In C Mali (Africa Express presents… Terry Riley’s In C Mali, Transgressive Records, 2014 (composed 1964), Mali) – watch the video on Youtube