Erik Griswold is a prolific composer-pianist specialised in prepared piano, toy piano and perussion, who now calls Brisbane home – even though he doesn’t seem to be able to stay still at all. He joined Stéphane to share his playlist of tracks he released – solo or in different projects –, by artists that influenced him, or by others who are also part of the ROOM40 family.

Make sure you have a look at his comprehensive website, where you can listen to a few of his works and read about them too.

You can see him live in a series of very intimate concerts starting on the 14th of August 2015, for the launch of Pain Avoidance Machine, part of the celebrations for ROOM40’s 15th anniversary. Get tickets here before they run out.

Thank you very much Erik for a great show! Looking forward to another one.

  1. Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express (Trans Europa Express, Kling Klang, 1977, Germany)
  2. Erik Griswold - Pale Yellow Frontier (Pain Avoidance Machine, ROOM40, 2015, USA / Australia)
  3. Alarm Will Sound - Blue Calx (Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin, Cantaloupe Music, 2005, USA)
  4. Clocked Out - Crystal Symmerty (Time Crystals, Innova Recordings, 2015, USA / Australia)
  5. Marina Rosenfeld - In F (Plastic Materials, ROOM40, 2009, USA)
  6. Annea Lockwood - Bubbling (Early Works 1967-82, EM Records, 2007, New Zealand / USA)
  7. Daughter’s Fever - The Secret Room (Daughter’s Fever, helloSquare Recordings, 2015, Australia) – get the release on Bandcamp