Matt Redlich – telented Brisbane producer, member of Holy Holy – joined Steph to play some of his favourite tracks from the last 60 years. Some of them are from artists who inspired him a while ago, others are tracks he just discovered the other day and really made an impression…

Steph got something wrong though: Souls of Mischief – who sampled Billy Cobham’s Heather on 93 Still – were actually remixed by Wally Clark; however, his Gummy Soul colleague Amerigo Gazaway remixed A Tribe Called Quest, who sampled George Duke’s North Beach on Midnight Marauders the same year as Souls of Mischief! I know, right?

Thanks to Matt for this great selection! Looking forward to another one.

Here is the full playlist:

  1. Billy Cobham - Heather (Crosswinds, Atlantic, 1974, Switzerland)
  2. George Duke - North Beach (Faces in Reflection, MPS, 1973, USA)
  3. Aphex Twin - 5 Heliosphan Live (not on release, 2015, England) – get it on Soundcloud
  4. Jonny Greenwood - Moon Trills (Bodysong, Parlophone, 2003, England)
  5. Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians: Pulses (Music for 18 musicians, ECM, 1994, USA)
  6. John Luther Adams - Canticles of the Sky: I. Sky with Four Suns (The Wind In High Places, Cold Blue Music, 2015, USA)
  7. Bill Evans - Peace Piece (Everybody Digs Bill Evans, Riverside, 1959, USA)
  8. Aphex Twin - 28 Organ (not on release, 2015, England) – get it on Soundcloud