Stéphane shares his selection from the Internet Archive, a brilliant and massive digital repository dedicated to protecting digital media in the Internet age.

A lot of noise in this episode, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I realised after the show that the first two bands actually share a member: Mikhail Lezin, very prolific on the Internet Archive.

If you are interested in learning more about the L-systems Zhang Li uses to create her music, head to the Wikipedia article on the subject.

You can download all the releases we had a taste of from the links in the playlist. Make sure you also check out Tom Fahy’s Auralnaut’s (+ Stag Record) and the Taiwanese Kandala Records’ label websites for more fascinating material.


  1. Дя (Dya)- Говяжья Обрезь (govyajiya obrez) (Дискретное вейвлет-преобразование, self-released, 2012, Russia) – download the release
  2. Шуруповёрт (Shurupovert) - Механизм дождевых капель (mehanizm dojdevyh kapel) (Sepiq Sepique, Acryl Records, 2009, Russia) – download the release
  3. Ichor - Escape from the Colony (Lucid Dreams of Unitary Urbanism, self-released, 2005, UK) – download the release
  4. Shower - Projection (Taiwan Free Sound, Kandala Records, 2010, Taiwan) – download the release
  5. Zhang Li - Graftal Axiom No. 11 [Yasuhiro’s Theme] ((A → B−A−B), (B → A+B+A), Stag Records, 2009, USA / China) – download the release
  6. Tom Fahy - Osiris (Executive Drivel, Stag Records, 1998, Canada) – download the release