Special Witch House. Recording was heavily edited for a more enjoyable experience – our apologies to the listeners who coped with Stéphane’s terrible job!

  1. Salem - Hound (King Night, IAmSound Records, 2010, USA)
  2. White Ring - Roses (Black Earth That Made Me, Disaro, 2010, USA)
  3. Tearist - End Flux (Tearist, Post Present Medium, 2010, USA)
  4. oOoOO - I Live For The Day (Tri Angle Records Presents: Let Me Shine For You, Tri Angle, 2010, USA)
  5. Charli XCX - Stay Away (Stay Away, This Is Music, 2011, UK)
  6. Crystal Castles - Plague (Crystal Castles (III), Fiction Records, 2012, Canada)
  7. Trust - Bulbform (Bulbform, Sacred Bones Records, 2011, Canada)
  8. Vår - Motionless Duties (No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers, Sacred Bones Records, 2013, Denmark)
  9. Радость Моя - Я умерла миллион раз чтобы ты заметил меня (Волчок, self-released, 2013, Russia) {Bandcamp}